What is urethral stricture

Urethral stricture, as the term is usually the anterior urethra, spongy erectile tissue that covers the corpus cavernosum defines or refers to the formation of scar. Impairing the urethral epithelium or the underlying corpus cavernosum to result in scarring healing processes as part of any degree of harm; the anterior urethra. Today, most urethral stricture is a result of trauma. (Usually consisting of straddle injuries). Symptoms of voiding dysfunction that often occurs with trauma to the urethra is not noticeable. Unfortunately, iatrogenic trauma of the urethra, but there are still small endoscopes development and male in children cystoscopy We see now as a result of limiting the indications for iatrogenic urethral more rare.

Obstructive voiding symptoms in patients with urethral stricture or urinary tract infection is often found. Some patients with urinary retention may also. However, a detailed medical history is taken, a considerable majority of these patients prior to full Obstructive voiding symptoms for a long time where the state of progress is revealed.

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