Benign prostatic hyperplasia

BPH, the prostate histologically stromal and epithelial cell hyperplasia in the periurethral zone. Prostate is an organ of adult men and weighs approximately 20 grams of BPD develops until it remains the same. Calculation of the exact prevalence is difficult due to the absence of a clinical definition of life 6 approximately 50% of men, "Sinden histologically proven BPH While this rate is 7 decade to 70% and 9 decade of the 90% "reaches. Knows the exact etiology of BPH, BPH, "proved to the formation of the two absolute factor, dihydrotestosterone, and aging.

Sympathetic and parasympathetic innervation of the prostate as well as an organ. Sexual stimulation of the nerves in the sympathetic noradrenergic system with the task of accumulated prostatic fluid during ejaculation to ensure passage of the urethra in an antegrade. Parasympathetic system is responsible for the secretion of cholinergic nerves. Of neuronal systems that are effective on prostate alpha-and beta-adrenergic and cholinergic systems, peptidergic systems. These systems include alpha 1 the formation and development of resistance to urethral obstruction due to prostate-adrenergic system plays a primary role.

BPH is a disease, but not life-threatening, LUTS, "to cause to deteriorate the quality of life of patients. BPH, "the voiding symptoms, enlarged prostate physical effect glandının (static component) and the prostatic stroma increased smooth muscle tone (dynamic component) connected to the storage symptoms associated with bladder dysfunction caused by BOO. Static component of androgen-dependent growth of prostate tissue, and this is due directly to the represents the dynamic component as a result of increased autonomic activity and stimulation of alpha receptors is composed by contraction of prostatic smooth muscle tissue.

BPH, benign prostatic hyperplasia, or LUTS and BOO ", or may cause, is a common benign disease. Symptomatic BPH, "60% of patients with" when, asymptomatic BPH, "52% of patients with" BOO Sinden have been identified. Studies, LUTS, BPH, and found a clear correlation between BOO.

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