About Sleep Disorders

I sleep duration and quality of what is happening in how it affects reputation, quality of night sleep in the same way the process affects their daily lives. Situations that deviate from the average sleep duration and quality, sleep disturbance (UB) is defined as. UB's quality of life, is an important condition affecting the physical and mental performance. Sleep disorders have a wide range of disease diagnosis, monitoring and treatment requires a multidisciplinary approach.

Classification of sleep disorders beam which

Beam which in 1979 was the first classification of sleep disorders. Then, in line with experience in this field, sleep disorders and diagnostic criteria for sub-groups were determined. Finally, the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) in 2005 by the International Classification of Sleep Disorders-2 (ICSD-2) developed and is now available. Accordingly, sleep disorders grouped under 8 main groups:

1. Insomnia

2. I sleep-related breathing disorders

3. Central origin Hypersomnia

4. Circadian rhythm disorders, then

5. Parasomnias

6. Sleep with the skin can be the province of movement disorders

7. Isolated symptoms, normal variants

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