What is cystitis

U.S. "in the 4 to 6 million cases of acute bacterial cystitis in young women between the ages of 20 and 40 seen and 25% of women - 30" flour UTI "have been calculated. Emerged as risk factors for sexual intercourse and condom use. Urinary and fecal flora of sexual partners, similar to the E. Parcel "s, with an indication of uropathogens has been suggested that sexual transmission. Although very rare, urinary tract without underlying structural or functional disorder in young men can be seen in the acute cystitis. These infections often sexual activity is associated with HIV infection. A fairly narrow spectrum of etiologic agents causing acute cystitis: e. Package% 80 "When 5-15% "when the [31] of other organisms are a rare species of Klebsiella, P. Mirabilis, enterococci, or located. Acute uncomplicated cystitis, bladder and urethra causing inflammation. Dysuria, frequency, urgency, urinating small amounts, and suprapubic or lower abdominal pain located in the clinical symptoms. Hematuria, and foul-smelling urine can be seen. Acute cystitis may be a syndrome similar to men with urethritis.

Laboratory diagnosis of acute cystitis bacteriuria, pyuria and hematuria which is based on the urinalysis microscopy. Urine culture remains as the decisive test in symptomatic patients and in urine, 100 or more cfu / ml, they usually indicate infection.

Symptoms and signs suggestive of acute cystitis in women with and complicating factors are absent, deemed, hematuria or bacteriuria, or their combination was positive in a urine test, UTI, "provides sufficient information about the presence of a urine culture and be disabled. However, pre-treatment urine culture is recommended to all men.

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