Histology of the parotid gland

Salivary glands, the glands are tubular secretion and a duct on the outside structure out with the help of cloth are included in the group.

Salivary glands and stroma is composed of parenchyma. Parenchyma of the glands, secretions produced by erosion and electrolyte secretion, oral cavity, with the duct system that regulates the concentration of the water occurs. Parenchyma occurring in connective tissue stroma provides support. Stroma, blood vessels, lymph vessels, and is located in the salivary ducts. Some of the glands that make up the stroma of fibrous connective tissue that makes up the capsule. Connective tissue septa in the right lobe of the capsule gland. Salivary gland stroma is also rich in lymphocytes and plasma cells, these cells are immunoglobulin A (IgA) responsible for the production. Adhesion to basement membrane components on the secretory IgA and secretory IgA in the lumen in the form of ductal epithelial cells were released over.

Branched parotid, a salivary gland acinar structure and the serous type. Significant erosion of the basement membrane, surrounded by a serous epithelial cell groups consist of pyramidal-shaped. Basophilic nuclei and a basal epithelial cells (PAS-positive) and a cytoplasm filled with zymogen granules are. This cell is the number of secretory granules depends on the state. This is the primary enzyme in the starch granules are smaller than the water-soluble carbohydrates that break down amylase (ptyalin), respectively. Other enzymes such as lysozyme and lactoferrin found in the cytoplasm of acinar cells.

Secretory unit (salivary unit), asinus, myoepithelial cells, connective channels, secretory (lined channel) consists of channels and drainage canals. All salivary acinar cells contain secretory granules. Granules of this amylase in serous glands, mucous glands include the mucin.

Asinus is responsible for the construction of the primary secretion. Myoepithelial cells are contractile cells located around asinus and swagger through the secretory product pushing to help the drainage channels. The sympathetic system, myoepithelial cells are shown to carry the motor nerve. In addition, with the parasympathetic system is stimulated. This will help to ensure the movement of cells in the first contraction of the saliva.

Asinus lumen of the ductal system continues. Respectively, unifying, secretion (line channel) and creates drainage channels. Part of the neck, also called connective channel, carbonic small cuboid epithelial cells surrounded by the rich. These cells secrete bicarbonate and ductal lumen, the lumen is absorbed chloride.

Lumina of the simple cuboidal epithelial cells are surrounded by secretory ducts overhangs and recesses in the basal poles and numerous mitochondria are formed by cytoplasmic invaginations. The main task of the primary saliva ducts and modification of the active fluid secretion. These cells absorb sodium and potassium in the lumen and secrete secrete excessive hypotonic fluid. Salivary flow increases, decreases, and less elapsed time for the activation of these cells in a hypotonic saliva occurs. Drainage channels are responsible for taking out the organ secretions proximally and stratified simple cells, distally borders the columnar epithelium. Each discharge channel paved with non-keratinizing squamous epithelium by the oral cavity is opened. Oral mucosa before penetrating the Steno duct travels a short distance to the connective tissue in the face and neck. These channels around the elastic fibers, smooth muscle fibers, blood vessels, nerves and the parotid cup selection of the channel that drains close to the epithelial cells (cellula caliciformis) is located.

Parotid gland, a serous gland is completely unique, as well as the other one, also that the gland contains many fat cells, adipocytes / acinar cell ratio 1 / 1 'is. Gland parenchyma is increased fat tissue, especially in the 40s.


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