What is Embryology of the parotid gland

Salivary glands, from the monitored organisms but varies between species. Only available in the parotid gland in mammals. Ectoderm of the oral cavity consists of all the salivary glands and oral epithelium proliferation in solid cell clusters as a result of the underlying mesenchymal tissue to form a draft of cloth with the correct occur.

The first draft of Primordium or organ, for the seventh embryonal week, appears in the parotid gland. Turning into the main channel of Primordium gland, the terminal secretory erosional channels form an expanding. Mesenchymal tissue surrounding glands and their surroundings, wrapping the capsule separates lobules creates

Developed a three-stage passes to Donath'a cloth. There is the first stage, primordium formation. Gland from an advanced stage of differentiation, monitored the formation of lobules and ducts. This phase continued until the end of the seventh month, allows the formation of functional units. Acinar cells in the third phase, beginning with the eighth month and be seen on intermediate channels.

With childbirth, with the effect of diet consists of salivary secretion. Erosion of the distal segments and channels around the myoepithelial cell, gradually decaying stages of organ development. After birth, these cells are composed of cells myoepithelial.

During fetal development of the parotid gland settles a large number of lymphocytes. This explains the frequent cause lymph nodes. In addition, drafts of the organ which is circling the cloth as a result of condensation in the lymph nodes. Salivary gland tissue in lymph nodes seen in the common. This is responsible for the development of embryonal tumors of the salivary gland cloth structures later. Parotid salivary gland occurring after the first growing but the capsule. Glands during the development of the autonomic nervous system and sympathetic nervous system stimulation of acinar differentiation, the parasympathetic nervous system is necessary for the development of the entire gland.


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