Intraprostatic ductal reflux

The possible channels of bacteria in urine and prostatic reflux, the most important etiologic role in the pathogenesis of prostatic inflammation has been proposed as one mechanism. Anatomically, the peripheral zone of prostatic ductal drainage zones compared to other more sensitive intraprostatic ductal reflux. Kirby and colleagues, who were diagnosed with nonbacterial prostatitis men had instilled into the urinary bladder of carbon particle solution. Nonbacterial prostatitis in men after surgery, the carbon particles in the PS, macrophages, prostatic ductal system of the vaccines and observed by Persson and Ronquist according to "PS" in the case of high urate and creatinine, urinary reflux would assume that the prostatic ducts.

Prostate stones, prostatic secretions consists not only of the ingredients in the urine. This is intraprostatic urinary reflux into the prostate is and it probably also contributes to the formation of stones is a proof. Reflux of pathogenic bacteria into the prostate glands of prostate stones if they can lodge in the prostate by creating a protected aggregate. With this type of protective bacterial aggregates or biofilms may be associated with bacterial colonization of prostate stones, and this despite the use of appropriate antibiotic-resistant, followed by CP and recurrent urinary tract infection (UTI) can cause the formation. Ludwig et al, inflammation of the prostate using transrectal ultrasonography in men compared to non-inflammatory chronic prostatitis in men with prostate chance of having a stone in a meaningful way, to rise. Chemical, bacterial, or inflammation caused by immunological stimulation, possibly because of increased intraprostatic pressure and this pressure increase seems to be a pressure gauge placed on the transperineal route can be saved.


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