What is Liver Biopsy of lung

Liver and lung biopsy, the gold standard method in the diagnosis of NAYK today. Biopsy, liver damage, or other reasons, which plays a role in the differential diagnosis from introducing. Fat accumulation (steatosis), mixed inflammatory cell infiltration, hepatocyte ballooning, necrosis, glycogen accumulation, Mallory bodies and fibrosis NAYK'ın histological findings. NAYK defined in the spectrum of histological findings can be found alone or in combination. Portal inflammation that is often preserved. Kleiner and his colleagues recently by the scoring system has been modified NAYK histological diagnosis. Adiposity is associated with steatosis only in liver cells, hepatocyte lubricated with Steatozla graded from 0-3 depending on the amount of mononuclear and / or polymorphonuclear cell infiltration, hepatocyte ballooning and necrosis, defined as the presence of steatohepatitis. The presence of fibrosis in advanced stages, indicates that severe liver damage.

There are many factors that restrict NAYK biopsy in the diagnosis of liver and lung. Studies, liver biopsy specimens of patients with NAYK diagnostic differences and discrepancies can be highlighted in the evaluations by different pathologists (2,6,30). Differences in diagnostic liver biopsy specimens is more pronounced in cases where heterogeneous. Liver biopsy of the liver due to represent instances of 1/50.000 about giving all information about the liver is not sufficient. The liver biopsy in patients with biopsy NAYK entry angle in the diagnosis and grading of steatosis, the differences created by the differences shown in (6). In another study, the diagnosis of liver biopsy specimen NAYK length and the number of examples have been suggested to be related.

This is the definition of diarrhea associated with difficulty in minor and major complications include liver biopsy. Biopsy site pain, right shoulder pain, nausea associated with vasovagal reflex, hypotension, frequent complications. Bleeding, organ perforation, pneumothorax, infection, major complications, such as 1-in 3% of patients seen and require hospitalization. Biopsy in cases of death due to (1:10.000) have been reported. Therefore, as often seen in high society, a more practical diagnostic methods NAYK disease diagnosis and follow-up is needed.

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