What is Autoimmune Orchitis

Autoimmune orchitis, dog and spontaneously, may occur in rabbits after vasectomy. In humans, a variety of autoimmune orchitis similar idiopathic diseases are defined. The animals injected with homologous testicular antigen also develop autoimmune orchitis.

Experimental autoimmune orchitis (DOO) is shown to be involved in pro-inflammatory cytokines. Neutralizing antibodies, overcomes the effects of DOO. In addition, the T-lymphocyte clones derived from mice generated DOO normal mice was found to induce autoimmune orchitis. Transfer of CD4 + T-lymphocytes and the lymphocytes were carried out with sub-group of TNF-a, IL-2 and IFN-y cytokines secreted patient safety.

TNF-a positive DOO rats was observed that an increase in the number of testicular macrophages. In the same study, after being cultured testicular macrophages isolated from animals created the amount of TNF-alpha secreted by macrophages isolated from normal control animals were found to be higher than the amount. In addition, TNFR1-positive germ cells increase in number during DOO, DOO generated germ cell apoptosis in animals may indicate the possible role of TNF-a.To the pathologies observed in human testicular macrophages and testicular inflammation, macrophages, TNF increase in the number of TNF-a, may be an indication of the role of testicular inflammation.

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