Stages of Breast Cancer Treatment

Stages of Breast Cancer Treatment

a) Stage 0: At the same time "in situ" is also known as. It remained in place and the surrounding tissue cancers. Clinical controls approximately 15% to 20% of cancers diagnosed with Stage 0 cancers. In addition to surgical treatment.

b) Stage 1: breast-conserving therapy: lumpectomy and radiation therapy which is done following the receipt of axillary lymph nodes. If necessary, is added to chemotherapy. Mastectomy and lymph node dissection can be made ​​if necessary.

c) Stage 2: Stage I is the same as for the treatments, but generally, if the tumor is larger than

Lymph nodes or chemotherapy, hormonal therapy and radiation is more common recommended as a complementary

d) Stage 3A: The standard treatment of mastectomy. After the operation in general and systematic treatment of radiation therapy, chemotherapy and hormone therapy as applied. If the tumor is too large, preoperative chemotherapy can be applied to reduction of the length of the tumor, chemotherapy applications of this type is called neoadjuvant chemotherapy. Hormone therapy can also be added before the operation with the purpose to help you.

e) Stage 3B: stage 3B breast cancer, standard treatment usually begins with neoadjuvant chemotherapy. The original length of the desired rate of tumor shrinkage after lumpectomy or mastectomy is done. After the operation, while the standard treatment, radiation therapy, chemotherapy and hormone therapy.

f) Stage 4: The main purpose of the treatment of stage 4 breast cancer survival and improve quality and eliminate the patient's complaints. The treatment usually affect the whole body, such as chemotherapy and hormone therapy are systemic treatments. With the aim of reducing the patient's symptoms in some cases also be recommended mastectomy.

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