And vascular involvement in Behcet's Disease


BH cases, retrobulbar hemodynamic parameters measured levels in the presence of ocular involvement, ocular involvement is different from non-GH patients and healthy controls.

Eye involvement in all retrobulbar arteries of patients with BH "end-diastolic velocity" (End-diastolic veloity-EDV) than in healthy controls and patients with GH levels without eye involvement, we have lower resistance index (RI) and index (PI) was measured as the higher levels . In addition, the other a study of cases of BiH, the ophthalmic artery and central retinal artery flow velocities were lower than healthy controls. Noble and colleagues (1998), the posterior ciliary artery and central retinal artery EDV ocular activation levels in BiH is determined independently of the lower levels of the controls. On the other hand, this study, active and inactive cases of BiH in the eyes there is no difference between retrobulbar blood flow velocities were observed. Posterior ciliary artery EDV GH levels in patients with ocular involvement, ocular involvement and healthy control cases were lower than the non-GH. In the same study, the posterior ciliary artery of ocular involvement in BiH has been shown to cause an increase in RI [95]. GH in patients with severe retinal involvement and retinal artery blood flow velocity, mild or moderate cases of vasculitis and healthy controls were found to be lower [96]. However, studies that failed to vary flow rate in BiH central retinal vein as in [8], severe vasculitis in patients with central retinal vein BiH there are studies showing a decrease in flow rate.


During the course of neurological involvement in BiH, the neural parenchymal involvement (primary) or may be secondary to major vascular involvement. Individuals with vascular BH, vascular problems in basic and clinical situations may arise depending on the observed lesions. Histopathological changes affect tissue perfusion and may cause tissue destruction. And pathological processes involved in the most common vasculitis in BiH is a state, although there is limited knowledge about pathological changes in the vascular system. In some cases, multiple segments, typically in the form of arthritis characterized by stenosis and appearance of an autopsy study evaluating patients with vascular BH layers of vascular inflammation and destruction of media and found that [101]. Lymphocyte infiltration of the extending, possibly resulting in the formation of thrombus. Partially activated endothelial cells and platelets are activated and the actual damage to the vascular characteristic superimposed. Major veins and arteries occlusions, often bleeding, infarction, or result in organ failure. Immunological mechanisms in BiH likely to result in the formation and distal embolization of vascular system. Large or medium-sized vessel involvement in BiH, transient ischemic attack, vascular thrombosis, cerebral artery occlusion, stroke, neurological abnormalities, such as resulting in death.

In cases of autoimmune disease, serum anti-endothelial cell antibodies were found. These autoantibodies, endothelial cells are activated and can trigger cytotoxicity or apoptotic processes. Increased cell surface expression of endothelial cells induced HSP60'ın. Anti-HSP60 antibody, the role of endothelial cell cytotoxicity, or apoptosis has received evidence. In addition, the anti-HSP60 antibody and complement-dependent activation of endothelial cells and cause endothelial cell lysis, in this context initiation, continuation and exacerbation of contributing.

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