Breast Anatomy

Adult female breast on top, the upper limit of the second rib or rib starts third. At the bottom of the sixth rib at the level ends. Internal border of the sternum at the edge, the outer limit of the middle or anterior axillary line. The upper outer quadrant of the breast, armpit and extends from the pectoralis major muscle at the bottom edge (the axillary tail of Spence). This extension is sometimes palpable, visible or even create a mass. The main mass of breast tissue is usually settled in the upper outer quadrant. Deep plan, nearly three-quarters of the breast m. located on the pectoralis major. On the outside m. serratus anterior, the lower part of m. serratus anterior and external oblique muscle, the inner cover the upper part of the rectus sheath. Is located in the superficial fascia in the anterior chest wall, breast. Immediately below the dermis or subcutaneous layer of superficial fascia superficial. This fibrous layer of fibers from the skin and the breast goes back to the press. They are at the top of the breast is more advanced forms. Cooper ligaments and superficial fascia superficial layer of skin that lies between and surrounding breast parenchyma, directions that are perpendicular to the skin and breast tissue that separates the fibrous bands.

Cooper ligaments as a result of the infiltration of malignant tumors due to fibrosis or shortened for any reason to retreat into the causes and characteristics of the skin (orange-peel appearance). That is why the skin and upper secondary signs of cancer. The desmoplastic reaction in response to cancer also thickens the walls of adjacent ducts. Their mamogramlarda, traction causes compression of the breast. Calcification of ligaments and arteries of the breast cancers seen in overkill extends Cooper important. Breast tissue is normally a bilateral and symmetrical. Symmetry breaking may be a sign of breast cancer.

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